Sunday, August 17, 2008

fish out of water

i'm currently feeling like a fish out of water - and not just some weak nemo-fish, either. more like a fish with a sword, a helmet, and a sheild.

there have been more than just a couple of times in my life where i've felt something big is on its way. something has been planted and its cute little head is going to sprout up and out of the ground anytime now. right now, i'm in the time of watering and nourishing and (just like a good warrior-fish would do) preparing for battle. it lives in my gut: to pray more and harder than i ever have before.

along with God moving, however, a spark is lit under a certain-stupid enemy's behind - he wants to make me feel like a lesser-than nemo-fish and give up. i'm living in anticipation, trying to keep my head in bend, and praying for crazy, outrageous things. let's see what happens..

- in and through my relationship with Gregg.

- in finding out what my role is in supporting Cassie and how i can really, truly be there for her.

- with ministry involvement.

- with finances. am i supposed to get a second job? is it impossible to find somewhere to live rent-free?

- the job i have now and trying to love it again.


Jami Janelle said...

just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming! I will be praying for you little warrior fish! Remember that God is able to do immeasurably more than we can hope or imagine... so your outrageous prayers don't even compare to how awesome His plan is for you. Get ready to stand in awe yet again sister friend. I pray huge blessings on your life!

Alexander said...

I had NO IDEA you had a blogspot. I've been considering getting one for a several months now. This is a confirmation, Heidi. I need to get one too.
But that's off record.
What I wanted to say is simply this: You are so beautiful, sister! I find great joy in knowing you're happy.
s a s h k a